How to Choose the Dryer?

10 nov 2023
How to Choose the Dryer?

Did you know when you groom your pets, you could be at risk of noise-induced hearing loss? So how you can stay safe?

Often when we buy a dryer, our first consideration when it comes to noise is; ‘How will my furry kids react to this? Our thoughts are always with the well-being of the animals in our care. But have you ever thought about the negative effect that your equipment might be having on your own hearing?

It all depends on the decibels. You know all too well that dryers come with various speeds and settings, but the one thing you can’t control is how loud it can get, especially when at it’s highest speed. Some of these dryers can be as loud as 108 decibels. Considering the average human pain threshold is 110 decibels, this is very loud indeed!

Most people did not know the decibel rating of their blasters or dryers. It’s not something that we usually think about, but it’s so important for us to know.

Long or repeated exposure to sounds at or above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss. That means loud noise would be hazardous to hearing with repeated use. Unfortunately, 95% of us are exposed to dryer noise for longer than this every day, with an astonishing 38% of us hearing dryer noise for over 4 hours daily. it seems that many of us could be in danger of damaging our hearing due to high levels of noise from our equipment. Because most cases of noise-induced hearing loss are caused by repeated exposure to moderate levels of noise over many years, not by a few cases of very loud noise.

Dog Grooming Vacuum Kit for Shedding Drying Trimming

3-in-1 solution that combines a vacuum, dryer, and clippers into a game-changing tool for pet owners. Say goodbye to frequent trips to the groomer and welcome the ease of grooming your furry friend in the comfort of your own home.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Worried about loud grooming sessions? Fear not. The Dog Grooming Vacuum Kit operates at less than 60 dB, ensuring a quiet and stress-free experience for your pets. No more anxiety-inducing noise commonly associated with traditional vacuum cleaners.The most important thing is that you don’t have to worry about any negative impact on your hearing. How you feel is equally important. This is definitely a revolutionary change in pet grooming

All-in-One Convenience: Vacuum, Dry, and Trim

This innovative kit is your one-stop solution for pet grooming. The bonus blow dryer allows you to effortlessly shed, wash, dry, and trim your pet's hair at home. No more scheduling appointments or dealing with the stress of leaving your pet at the groomer's.

No Hair Escape, No Mess

With adjustable suction power, the Oneisall vacuum ensures that no stray hair escapes to the floor. The curve slicker brush and shed brush efficiently remove hair, providing a comfortable grooming experience for your pets.

Gentle Airflow for Fluffy Coats

The blow dryer offers seven levels of temperature, allowing you to tailor the drying process to your pet's needs. The round, narrow, and diffuser blow nozzles keep your pet's coat fluffy and well-groomed. With a lengthy power cord and hose, you can conveniently groom your pets in the backyard.

Effortless Trimming with Clippers and Vacuum

The pet clippers, usable with or without the vacuum, make grooming a breeze. Opting for the vacuum attachment ensures even cuts without the hassle of cleaning up hair afterward. Enjoy a seamless grooming experience without the mess.

Home Grooming for a Stress-Free Life

Regular grooming is essential for your pet's health and appearance. The Oneisall Dog Grooming Vacuum Kit allows you to become a home groomer, saving both time and money, especially for multi-pet households. Most importantly, grooming at home fosters a comfortable environment, reducing anxiety for your pets during the grooming process.

All in all, the Oneisall Dog Grooming Vacuum Kit is your ticket to stress-free, low-noise pet grooming at home. Invest in your pet's health and turn grooming into an intimate experience with this versatile, highly effective grooming solution. By closing the distance between you and your pet, you can also better protect yourself. So let’s embrace easy at-home grooming and live a happy life with our furry companions. Oneisal is definitely the best choice.