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Oneisall Dog Water Fountain Stainless Steel,1 Gallon Quiet Large Capacity Dog Water Bowl Dispenser

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  • 🐶👍【Large Capacity,Reduce Refill Frequently】The 1Gallon Dog Water Fountain doesn't have to be refilled as often as the other fountain.This stainless stell dog fountain is designed for dogs,which is perfect for a multiple pet household. 1gallon capacity holds enough water to satisfy 3 dogs for more than 2 day.
  • 🐶👍【BPA Free, 304 Stainless steel Material】This dog fountain water bowl stainless is dishwasher safe,and very easy to clean .It filters better than plastic pet fountain ,which can always keeps the water flowing, and fresh. stainless steel dog fountain won't be slimy. one-step Installation and disassembly, reduce your frequent cleaning time.
  • 🐶👍【Easy to clean and Set Up】The dog water dispenser is made of 304 stainless steel, which is more durable and anti-corrosion. One-step installation and disassembly, saving your time. Unique design,easy to clean.
  • 🐶👍【Ultra Quiet & visible water level】 This automatic water dispenser for dogs is equipped with an ultra-quiet, low-consumption pump. Lower than 20dB keep your pets healthy and hydrated without the nuisance of annoying noise. Easy to see the water levels and is easy to fill when the water gets low.
  • 🐶👍【Attract your dog take in enough water daily】Dog Water Bowl Dispenser with the unique water circulation design and Triple-filtration system can keep the water clean at all times, so that dogs can always drink healthy and fresh water .The continually flowing water brings more oxygen and attract your small/medium/ large dog drink more

More for your Dog


  • oneisall Stainless Steel Dog Water Fountain is professional designed for a mutiple pet household
  • oneisall has utility model patent certificate & design patent certificate.

Sloves all the problems of regular pet bowl

Roud shape design decorates your stylish home;

Gentle bubble & flowing stream;

inclined planes design are not only for oxygen-enrichment, but also for pets to lick. Some pets are keen on licking the incline;

1Gallon large capacity to satisfy pets’ deep water needs.

oneisall attracts and encourages to drink more!

Super Quiet

With silent pump technology, the dog water dispenser runs below 20dB which is almost inaudible.

Easy to pull the lid off to clean the inside

The dog water dispenser can also directly add water during operation

Important Note:

1.For your pet’s health and a longer pump service life, it is recommended to change the water thoroughly and clean the Water Tank, Foam Filter and Pump at least once two week.

2.If you have multiple pets, it is recommended to clean the water fountain and change the filter more often.

For your pet's health, please search "B097123JRW" to purchase the real oneisall Filters, DO NOT use the cheap and pirated filters.

3.If your pet refuses to use the water fountain, it's recommended to leave its previous water source next to the water fountain for a while. Your pet may need some time to get familiar with it. If your pet gets used to drinking from this Water Fountain, you can remove the previous water source.

4.If the water fountain makes more noise, please check if the water level reaches the minimum level and if the impeller is covered by the scale. It is recommended to clean the impeller once a week.

5.How to remove the scale: Remove the pump cover, soak for 30 minutes with a 1:1 ratio of white vinegar and aqueous solution or food grade citric acid.

6.If the Water Fountain is dispensing a low amount of water or dispensing no water, you can reset by following the steps below:

Check if you have properly installed the Top Tray, make sure to refill water to the maximum level.

Wash and clean the Water Pump. (Recommended reference cleaning video)

If washing doesn’t work, please clean the tough scaling on the water pump and the impeller.

200w+ family choice.

Choose oneisall pet water dispenser to solve all your pet drinking problems