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Oneisall 3.5L Automatic Dial Cat Food Dispenser

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About this item

  • ✅ oneisall Dial Cat Food Dispenser. To simplify the programme, we bring out this dial feeder this year. Based on the sound of our customers, they would like to get an automatic cat feeder which is easy to set.With a dial, you could feel the programme more controlable.Just like a mouse controls a computer.
  • ✅ Free up your time. oneisall pet feeder would help you feed your pets on schedule. You could set up to 6 meals per day and control the kibble amount from 1-36 portions per meal. You could live an easy life with the help of oneisall dial pet feeder. Just set it well and forget it.
  • ✅ Stroe 12 Cups of dry food. This cat food dispenser would provide meals for a cat for 12 days or a puppy for 8 days.
  • ✅ Keep Kibble Fresh and Cat-proof. It has a desiccant bag inside the food tank to keep food fresh. The latch on the lid locks the food tank closely to prevent cats get extra food by themselves.
  • ✅ 1 Portion ≈ 10 Grams ≈ 1/12 Cup. Allowed kibble size less than 0.5 inch.