oneisall n5 dog clipper
oneisall n5 dog clipper green
dog paw trimmer
perfect for trimming samll area
great for trimming dog paw pads
dog paw trimmer for variety of dogs
quite paw clipper
120 minutes long working time
20 years grow with you and your pet
oneisall n5 clipper black
oneisall  n5 clipper blue
oneisall  n5 clipper kit black
oneisall  n5 clipper kit blue
oneisall  n5 clipper kit green
oneisall  n5 clipper kit white

N5 - Oneisall Hundes ch neider Trimmer mit Doppel klingen

N5 - Oneisall Hundes ch neider Trimmer mit Doppel klingen

Normaler Preis $28.99
  • So einfach um kleine Pfoten polster zu schneiden
  • Leises und vibrations armes Design
  • Eingebaute Batterie: wiederauf ladbar durch USB mit Kontroll leuchte
  • Sichere und scharfe Klinge & leistungs starker Motor
  • Perfekt zum Rasieren eines kleinen Bereichs

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quiet and low-vibration design

Quiet and Low Vibration Design

The dog clipper's noise when working is about 60 db, ensure your pet is comfortable throughout the grooming process, without causing him any discomfort.

Intelligent LED Indication

Rechargeable by USB with indicator light, make it more convenient, without changing batteries. This nail trimmer can be used for about 2 hours after 2 hours of fully charging.

intelligent led indication
safe and sharp blade & powerful motor

Safe and Sharp Blade & Powerful Motor

Upgrade stainless steel fixed blade can provide excellent cutting performance. Works great for trimming small areas like paws, ears and eyes.

Easy to Use & Clean

These dog clippers is so easy to cut around small paw pads. The blade part can be removed to clean and wash underwater.

easy to use & clean
perfect for shaving a small area

Perfect for Shaving Small Area

Works great for trimming small areas like paws,ears and eyes.