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Where the Story Begins

In 2012, our founder, Terry, rescued an abused border collie named Niuniu, who was petrified of pet salons. To alleviate her distress, Terry groomed her at home but found the available clippers to be prohibitively expensive, excessively noisy, or insufficiently effective. Determined to find a superior solution, Terry established Oneisall. Developing innovative grooming products featuring advanced technology. These products offer efficient, quiet, and affordable grooming solutions for pets like Niuniu. Since then, Oneisall has achieved notable success, renowned for exceptional quality and performance in the market.

Transform How You Pet

Many companies can create a device that grooms your pet, but we will position Oneisall as the brand that gives you the life you've always wanted with your pet. No more headaches, just puppy love and easy memories made every day. Warmhearted and dreamy, our pet product is the most wholesome on the market. It features a fresh and fun look that turns heads and has pets begging for more during grooming time. We make your life easy, so you can focus on what matters.

Product Milestone

Enriching Lives and Building Relationships

Our mission is to foster meaningful relationships and enrich the lives of pets and pet owners. By eliminating the struggles of pet ownership, we provide a carefree, fun, and loving experience, and assist people in fulfilling the life they've always desired.

Guaranty For Our Products

The design and production of each Oneisall product adhere to strict procedures. From initial sketches to mold creation and final production, every step is meticulously crafted, ensuring superior quality. The core members of our R&D team possess over a decade of experience in their fields, contributing a wealth of expertise to product development.

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